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Weather Proof Labels for fishing rods and sports equipment!

Have you ever left your fishing pole or tackle box in your favorite fishing spot? Then when you went back to retrieve it someone got to it first and made it their own. Or your son just got a brand new baseball glove and forgot it at the ball field. He went back to fetch it and it was gone. Of course you probably have stressed the importance of responsibility, but had you just labeled the items with your name, address and phone number you would hopefully see it again. This is why Comprehensive Designs has the perfect solution for you.

Comprehensive Designs has developed weatherproof labels that use an aggressive adhesive and are water and chemical resistant. Their labels are very durable and the fact that they are water proof makes them also weatherproof. The labels are guaranteed not to peel, crack, or fade for one year (guarantee limited to one replacement at our discretion). This is great for fishing rod labels or for items that you use near water or have outside in the elements.

Another great feature of our labels is the assorted colors they come in. If you don't want the label to stand out you can choose the clear color label. This way you can make sure your name is on the item, but it's just not so bold and obvious. However if you want to make sure everyone can see the golf club label with your name on it then you can go with the gold foil, silver foil, or white. The colored labels assure you that you can spot your labeled item amongst a group of items, and so nobody will want to take something that clearly belongs to someone else.

Please check Comprehensive Designs out for all of your labeling needs. Our customer service staff are ready to help answer any of your questions.

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