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From Fishing Rods to Golf Clubs, our labels are the perfect answer.

Comprehensive Designs makes weatherproof durable labels. The labels come in four different colors. We recommend our clear labels for any item with a light background (ie white fishing pole, children's toy, or tools). Silver and Gold Foil labels are best suited for steel or graphite shaft golf clubs, fishing poles, and other dark surfaces, but they are suited for a variety of uses. The white labels are best used for labeling tools.

As with most fishermen I have several fishing poles, most of which are black fiberglass (which is almost impossible to write on). While out on charter boats fishing I have had other fishermen accidentally take one of my poles because they mistook one of my poles as theirs. Now that my poles are labeled with my name and phone number, if accidentally taken, they can call me and I can get my fishing rod back. 

The bottom line is that our labels are beneficial for anyone who values their tools and sporting equipment as well as people who want to make sure that their possessions stay safe.

Here are some of the products that you can purchase at Comprehensive Designs. 

  • Custom Permanent weatherproof Sporting goods labels stickers

  • Custom Permanent weatherproof fishing gear labels stickers (fishing rod labels, tackle box labels)

  • Custom Permanent weatherproof golf club labels stickers

  • Custom Permanent weatherproof tool labels stickers

The standard label size is 2-3/4" wide X 3/4" high. Other sizes are available upon request.

Contact Comprehensive Designs for a price quote for your personalized labels.

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